Flight Scholarship Recipients

The following cadets have earned the Aerospace Leadership Scholarship since its inception in 1997.  In 2023 it was transitioned to the Flight “Solo” Scholarship.

Aerospace Leadership scholarships have were initially supported by the The Spaatz Association membership, with the following additional patrons generously contributing whole scholarships to recognize exceptional performance in eligible CAP cadets:

1. 1997 scholarship funds graciously sponsored by Midland Composite Squadron, TXWG

2. In 2001/2002/2003/2005/2006/2007/2008/2009, two (four in 2007) scholarships were graciously sponsored by Col. Louisa S. Morse, CAP, DEWG. Awardees listed alphabetically.

3. In 2002, the initial scholarship winner was C/Lt Col Casey Hartwell, Sacramento Composite Squadron 14, CAWG. However, Cadet Hartwell notified the committee that between the time of his application and our committee’s announcement, he had received a Daedalian flight scholarship which rendered him ineligible for the The Aerospace Leadership Scholarship. We applaud Cadet Hartwell’s integrity and achievements. He aptly demonstrated that CAP cadets set the standard for our nation’s youth.

4. The Spaatz Association Board voted at the 2004 summer meeting to reschedule the scholarship award from the fall to the spring to better facilitate summer flying and reduce conflicts with other flying scholarships.  As a result, the fall 2004 scholarship award slipped to spring 2005.

5. C/Capt Stephen McIlvaine of the Cleveland Composite Squadron, Tennessee Wing, was selected for the scholarship in 2005, but had already received a TNWG scholarship.  This made him ineligible for the Aerospace Leadership Scholarship.  We applaud Cadet McIlvaine’s integrity and achievements. He again demonstrated the leadership and character that makes an excellent officer.

6. From 2006 – 2017, the General Carl A. Spaatz, USAF, Aerospace Leadership Scholarship was sponsored by Ms. Carla Spaatz-Thomas, youngest daughter of General Spaatz.

7. Beginning in 2010, the endowed Colonel Louisa S. Morse, CAP, Aerospace Leadership Scholarship was made possible through the estate of Col Louisa S. Morse, CAP.

8. From 2012 – 2016, Spaatz Association Board Member Maj Brian Campbell sponsored the named Brigadier General Paul M. Bergman, CAP, Aerospace Leadership Scholarship.  The Spaatz Association Board of Directors continued the Bergman scholarship in 2017 in honor of Maj Campbell after his untimely death.

9. In 2012, the friends of WO1 Joel P. Hocker, USA (deceased) teamed with The Spaatz Association to sponsor one scholarship in Joel’s honor.

10. In 2013, the Spaatz Association Board of Directors decided to perpetually name the Board funded scholarship in honor of Spaatz  #1, Col Douglas C. Roach, USAF.

11.  In 2023 it was transitioned to the Flight “Solo” Scholarship and changed to $1,500.  This was to reach more cadets and to set them up better for CAP Wings Flight Scholarships.


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