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Making decisions for education or employment immediately following graduation from high school can be extremely difficult.  Listed below are resources to assist in selecting an educational or career path, followed by educational opportunities for scholarships, the College Board and selected collegiate institutions.  Finally, listed at the end are links to the military academies, Reserve Officer Training Corps pages and followed by information from the various services for educational opportunities.

Several general resources are available on the web for selecting a college by geography, cost, or major (among other things).  Among these are the:

Of course, in addition to all the civilian schools out there, the military academies have a lot to offer both for life and education development: West Point, the Air Force Academy, the Naval Academy, and the Coast Guard Academy.  Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters has the ability to nominate cadet personnel to the Air Force Academy Preparatory School.  Check this opportunity out at the HQ CAP cadet programs site.

One of the pleasures of going to college is finding financial aid.  Financial aid can, of course, range from scholarships to grants to loans.  Several sources for finding aid can be located at The College BoardCollegeNet, and Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters.

Reserve Officer Training Corps units exist at many colleges and universities around the country.  ROTC can serve as an excellent way to pay for college with a two-, three- or even four-year scholarship.  ROTC programs exist for the Army (and here is an unofficial site), Navy, and Air Force.

This page only gives a small number of resources for undergraduate education.  Our page on careers will give more information for members not choosing to attend college level education immediately after high school.

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