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Graduation from post secondary educational institutions, or making the decision to change a career some years after entering the work force, can be an extremely stressful time.  This page will provide some links for selection of graduate educational opportunities, career search engines, government service jobs, as well as opportunities in aviation career fields.  It would be impossible to list all of the web sources relating to careers and life development; this listing are just a selection of all the resources available.

Frequently the opportunities available in the job market can be overwhelming.  Alternatively, after working in one career field for several years, other opportunities may sound appealing.  There are several web sites in existence that can help prospective employees decide which is the best career option for them.  One of these is focused on helping you to assess your leadership skills, and the other can help you assess your personality traits to apply them to different job opportunities.  Additionally, the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Non-Profit Management has some excelelent resources for developing career opportunities and skills in leadership in the public sector.

Job opportunities in government service abound for those who have recently graduated from college.  Among those sites are the Air Force civilian personnel web page, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration employment page, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the United States Office of Personnel Management.

In addition to these government sponsored sites, there are also aviation related resources availabe at Aviation Jobs Online page, the Nationjob page on Aviation related careers, a page on technical jobs related to Aviation, and the GO! Network career page.

Of course, each of the military services has opportunities to apply for officer candidate status based on your qualifications in school.  This may include service as a line officer (whether aviator, infantry, logistics, support, etc), as an officer in the Judge Advocate General Corps of the various departments, the chaplaincy,  or in medical or other health related career fields.  The entrance requirements for these programs are different depending on the service, the field in which you are attempting to enter, and your technical qualifications.  The easiest way to answer these questions is to call the local recruiter for each service and ask to speak to the personnel that handle the career field that you are interested in.  Additionally, the career information may be found at the ArmyNavyAir Force, and Marine Corps career web sites.

Graduate educational resources can be located at many of the same sites that are listed for undergraduate education in the Post-secondary education section of our site.

This page only gives a small number of resources for careers after school.  If you have suggestions for enhancements or additions to this page, please contact us.

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