Flight Scholarship Application

How Do I Apply?


Submit an electronic nomination package via the link below anytime during the application period.

 Applications are accepted until 30 November at 2359 central time for the following year’s scholarships.

A resume of your CAP career (resume must include your full name, CAP grade, CAPSN, address, phone, and email address)

        • (.pdf format)
      • Proof of academic standing
        • (.pdf format)
      • Three letters of recommendation: one from your Squadron Commander or Deputy for Cadets, one from your flight instructor, and one from an individual of your choice.
        • (.pdf format.  Helpful to have it in one file)
      • A personal statement explaining what you’ve done for the Civil Air Patrol, what the scholarship will be used for, and how your use of the scholarship will benefit the Civil Air Patrol in the future (2 pages maximum)
        • (.pdf format)

Applications normally open in November of each  year.

NOTE: This is not a CAP Scholarship. Different rules apply. You MUST submit your application online to be eligible for consideration.

It is helpful to have all of the above listed information available in .pdf (for documents) or an image file (for your picture).



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